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“As a group, we try not to make any decisions that we’re not excited about”
Mehrin Hassan

Giant Agro Processing Limited

Giant Agro Processing Limited – GAPL, is an agro based company involved in the production, processing, preservation- storage and marketing of hybrid vegetable seeds, with a core focus on potato seeds. The enterprise is managed by a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals in agriculture and seed technology. GAPL, a sister concern of the Giant Group, established over ten years, has earned its reputation to be an innovative and socially responsible institution. GAPL operations and facilities are mainly located in Thakurgaon, north-western part of Bangladesh, an area known for the best quality of potato production in Bangladesh and where many other vegetables and grains are cultivated all year round. A progressive approach to agricultural development has been GAPL’s vision, which has always ensured superior quality of output. Innovation in seed- research and development sets the foundation of GAPL’s operation.

Bangladesh produces 75 million tons of potatoes making it the fourth most important crop in the Bangladesh economy. GAPL commenced seed potato business in 2006, envisioning an opportunity to improve farm prosperity with better seed inputs. Since then GAPL contributed to a key pillar in agricultural prosperity by supplying farmers with high-productivity early generation tubers. The company has within a very short time developed a wide marketing and distribution network covering 30 districts in the northern part of the country. The marketing network is being gradually expanded to other region of the country through provision of own marketing personnel and developing dealer’s network.

The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds potato, vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agro-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community. Our mission is to provide pure, clean and ergonomically sound seeds to the farmers, growers and others agri-customers at affordable price, promoting increased marketing opportunities for their commodities in local and even international markets. We oversee the growth of our tubers at special site in Thakurgoan to ensure that we supply first-generation seed potatoes of highest quality. We partner with selected, experienced and trained farmers to grow potatoes from Generation 1 (G1) to Generation 4 (G4) with extensive quality checks at each stage along the way.

Giant Agro is engaged in agriculture of disease free quality seed potatoes on an area of hundreds of acres of owned land as well as leased land from farmers, resulting in production of over 2000 tons of high quality potato seed annually which is preserved in self-owned Cold Store.

“Bangladesh will not achieve its targeted growth by the cost of environment”
Faruque Hassan

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

To enable the company to produce and supply virus-free healthy potatoes to farmers, it has set up a modern specialized tissue culture laboratory r. The lab is able to produce and supply potato plantlets for the seed production program of the company. We have incorporated “The Limited Generation Seed production program” which is supported by a Tissue Culture Facility & a Plant Pathology Laboratory for disease testing including ELISA testing for viruses. ELISA is performed for PVX, PVY, PVS, PVA, PVM, PLRV & Gemini Virus

Cold Storage Facilities

We have set up modern specialized cold storage facilities where we are capable to store all types of potatoes i.e. Seed Potatoes, Fresh Potatoes and processing Potatoes including CIPC spray, automatic humidity & CO2 control.

This allows Giant Agro to produce huge quantities of seed potatoes and store them after the harvest.Some of the leading industrial potatoes processor keeps their potatoes in our cold store.

Research & Development (R & D) facilities

The GAPL has already established and R&D farm there to support and promote the efforts relating to development, selection and supply of highest Quality Seeds. The company has set up its own Seed Processing and Testing Laboratory at Thakurgoan. All seeds specially high value vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Broccoli, Strawberry some ornamental plants, orchid, cut & pot flowers of own production and imports are appropriately tested here to ensure good quality. In Thakurgaon district the company has set up a cereal seed processing plant which has all necessary technical facilities like cleaning and grading etc. along with the provision of a 500 tons capacity seed ware house.



Giant Business Tower




13 (+2 basement) Storied Exclusive Corporate Office Building by Giant Shafi Holdings Limited (GSHL) a concern of Giant Group.

Location: Plot # 3 & 3/A, Sector # 3, Uttara C/A, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

Valuable occupants

  • • LI & FUNG

  • • LIDL

Electro Mechanical-Utilities

  • • Uninterrupted 24 hours electricity supply -
    • a. DESCO
    • b. 100% power backup by Automatic Synchronized Diesel Generators.
    • c. Alternate energy source – (solar panel, installed at rooftop of GBT)
  • • 4 Fire Rated modern High speed Elevators (Thyssenkrupp)
  • • Central Air-conditioning system (HVAC)
  • • Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for water supply all through GBT. The supplied water is good for drinking (Certified by BUET, ICDDRB).
  • • Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) for sewerage line to reduce environment pollution.

Safety & Security

  • • Fire Fighting System-Covering full building (Latest fire detection & protection system, Fire Alarm etc. of international standard –NFPA) all equipments are imported from USA.
  • • One common stair & 2 fire stairs with fire rated door for emergency evacuation
  • • 24 Hour Security Service-arrangement
  • • Full CCTV Surveillance & PA system to ensure proper security & communication-all over GBT.
  • • Sufficient (Vehicle) Car parking system for every occupant in GBT.
  • • Latest technology Archway and Bag scanner facility.

Building Management System (BMS)

  • • Around the clock 24 hour service by maintenance team.
  • • Better Building Management System (BMS)
  • • Dedicated Building Maintenance Administration team to ensure all the services are running well.

Environment Friendly features

  • • Energy Efficient Green Building –
    • - Use of DGU glass to save electricity consumption
    • - Plenty of natural light
  • • Pure drinking water supply all over GBT
  • • Sewerage Treatment to reduce environment pollution.
“The people that call giant group home are the ones who shape our present and design our future”