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We started our journey back in 1984 with the dream of being the best company in the industry. We have managed to sustain in this industry because of our hard work and dedication towards continuous improvement. Giant Group considers itself as an end-to-end apparel solution provider. Over the years, our size has changed, but one underlying idea has stayed the same – the customer and the environment are at the center of everything we do. We consider our skilled workforce to be our greatest asset. We take great pride in our people, our Giant family who we consider to be committed, talented and experts at what they do.
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Our organization seeks to minimize waste, promote recycling, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful emissions and, where possible, to work with suppliers who are committed to caring and protecting for the environment. The organization ensures that all its activities are carried out in conformance with the relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Directorate of Environment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. See more...













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Giant was born in a country that struggled through a hard-won Independence; We give back to the society more than what we take from it. We make textiles, and we foster people. Where social and environmental impact are as important as growth. Where people’s enterprise & creativity are more valuable than the machines they work with. Where the well-being of employees extends to caring for their loved ones as well. We are Giant. Several victories, countless memories. And this is our story, through pictures. See more...

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March 10, 2019

Lidl was the first food retailer that signed the Detox Commitment (December 2014).Starting out with the ‘Dirty Laundry’ Report in 2011, Greenpeace launched an international campaign called Detox focussed on chemical input and its discharge in the textile industry. Over 75 international and influential brands like H&M, Primark, M&S, Puma, adidas have committed to so called “zero discharge” initiative in response to the growing market pressure – consumers expect not only safe products but also responsible production while Greenpeace publishes DETOX reports to line out committee’s performance and benchmark brands and retailers against each other. Because, Detox is an International Campaign and LIDL has commitment with it, they launched PURE Program in 40 factories in China and 20 factories in Bangladesh to march with DETOX campaign to accomplish their commitment. The frameworks of this Program is • Basic Chemical Management (Standard Chemical Inventory , Waste inventory, Flow Map) • Advance Chemical management (Green yellow Red Chemical ,substitution chemical which not comply Detox commitment ). • Waste Water – ( ETP improvement, waste Management) • Resource Efficiency( Resource Efficiency assessment, list of recommendation) It give us great pride to announce that GIANT GROUP participated in this programme among 20 Large manufacturing companies in Bangladesh through LiDL Germany and GIZ. We have achieved 6th place among all Groups that participated and 1st place of No-Xit, the buying house that nominated us. We achieved 71.4 % marks. Our goal is to be the front runner and one of the best Green Sustainable Industry of our Country and all our

December 02, 2018

Giant Group has recently introduced environmentally friendly and Water Saving Technology in its new venture, Giant Textiles Limited, to satisfy customers in a distinctly superior manner providing quality products with highest price-to-value ratio. Giant Textiles Limited (GTL), the latest and largest venture of the group, is a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly energy saving and fully vertically integrated composite Knit unit with a daily capacity of 25 tonnes of fabrics, said a statement. As per the commitment, the company installed European machinery, which are energy efficient that require less water and are harmless to environment. GTL installed the I-Master, the latest model from the world’s best Thies Dyeing machine from Germany, which is internationally acclaimed and certified as Environmentally friendly dyeing machine. “Through the aforesaid initiatives, the GTL is all set to implement its core vision to be the best company in clothing industry, reaching company financial goals and developing our two most valuable resources, people and environment,” said Faruque Hassan, managing director of Giant Group. GTL is fully equipped with an effluent treatment plant (ETP) solution in order to make sure that water released after dyeing is properly treated. It has full-fledged biological ETP solution from Italy with a capacity of 100 cubic meter per hour that can treat the discharged water close to 30 tons of fabrics per day, said Hassan. The company also also taken the initiative to recycle the slush and convert it to organic fertiliser. As a part of its eco-friendly initiatives, the group has taken up a new project titled “Water Saving Technology” (WST) together with Lidl Stiftung Co, a leading apparel buyer from Germany to reduce the use of water in dyeing process significantly. GTL has adopted sustainable and environment friendly dyeing technology supported by Green Project WST. “We will not only save water, but also reduce carbon emission,” said Hassan Apart from this WST programme, GTL is also signed up for Partnership Agreement on Cleaner Textiles (PACT) programme initiated by International Finance Corporation (IFC) and world’s largest apparel retailer Zara-Inditex of Spain.

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