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  Dream comes true for Suneety:


I am a garment worker known as suneety. I was born in Battra, a tiny village under P.S kendua of netrokona district on 1st January of 1974. I am a daughter of late Debendra Chandra Das and Pushpa Rani Das. I am forth among six siblings, five sisters and one brother. After completing my primary education I had to rush Dhaka for the shake of poverty in my early age. In 1988 after coming to Dhaka, I started to search job staying in Ashkona. At that time I came to know that there is a vacancy in Mavis Garment situated in Kawla and reached there. Later on I was interviewed and fortunately given job as a "Trainee Helper" in Finishing section where I started my new life. I started my job with only Tk. 240/month but within 2 months I was promoted to "Finishing Helper" and my salary went up to Tk. 600/month. I got a new life and started dreaming through my work together with hundreds of my colleagues.


People around me of my work place impressed me so much. My interest on work increased day by day. By getting another promotion within a very short time I got my position as "Folding woman" in 1990. My salary had gone up usually. Then promoted as "Unit Leader" in Finishing Section. In this way, I was moving towards fulfill my dream. It was 1996. My family decided to get me married. So I had to return my village and got married. Then I got back on my work again. Thus I have passed 12 years of my working life. My responsibilities were increased a lot when I got promotion as a "Supervisor". On that time our factory was shifted to Senakallyan Bhaban at Tongi. In 2000 I had to leave my job due to some of my personal problems. But my dreams waving her hand to me. I became nostalgic. Every single memory of my working life pushed me to start again. I could not forget the memory with my honorable M.D. Mr. Faruque Hassan and my colleagues. After four year I came back and met my M.D. sir. M.D. Sir gave me the opportunity to work as a "Supervisor" in Finishing Department in Shafi Processing Ltd. at JaydevPur, another unit of Mavis Garment. I started to work on 1st February, 2001 and trying to do my best with sincerity till today. I have been working with Giant Group for near about 20 years not just because of good salary and financial benefit but mainly for working environment, healthy working condition and positive attitude towards worker from management. Now I'm getting Tk.10,000/month which makes my life hassle free to run my family smoothly. I could overcome the misery of my life by sharing hard work and sincerity.


I always try to do my duties completely and accurately. I was selected as an "Efficient Worker" by the BGMEA for my efficiency of work and sincerity with the earnest help of the M.D of Giant Group, my honorable sir Mr. Faruque Hassan. I was informed by the Sr. Manager (Admin and HR) on 3rd November 2009 that I am recognized as a efficient worker and I am going to receive a crest and certificate on 5th November at 10:30 am from our honorable prime minister Sheikh Hasina. There was no boundary of joy hearing this news. It was the news of my. The prize giving ceremony was arranged at pool side in Hotel Sonargaon. I reached there well ahead time. At last The Moment comes and my name was announced. I moved towards stage and convey my salam to the Prime Minister and I got my M.D sir just beside her. I was asked by Honorable Prime Minister "How long I am working with this company?". I told her that I am working with this company at around 20 years and Honorable P.M was pleased to know the rules and regulations of our company. She also asked about my family. After that my favorite Leader, honorable P.M gave me the crest and the certificate. I lost myself into the big hands of thousands of people present over there. The scenario of that time, sparkle of lights made a remarkable event of my life. I felt proud to see my favorite leader closely. I felt like crying with joy. Getting the recognition as an efficient worker is the greatest achievement of my whole life. For this great achievement, I would like to convey my gratitude to my company and to my M.D sir Mr. Faruque Hassan. I wish him a very prosperous and healthy life.  

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