Giant Agro Shakes Hands with Danespo

  REPORT: Giant Agro and Danespo Ltd. have agreed to venture into partnership, with the objective of establishing a long term cooperation, based on a JV or Licensed Production to produce and sell Danespoís Seed potatoes in Bangladesh. We are pleased to state that the business cooperation process has successfully completed its study phase and venturing into piloting its operations. The progress has been followed up by a recent visit to Denmark and Holland, by the Managing Director, Feroz M. Hassan and Director, Mehrin Hassan. It was a great learning experience for them. Moreover, both partners were able to arrive at productive results to build up on this business cooperation. This cooperation has been facilitated by the DBP (Business Partnership Programme) of the DANIDA, an organization is running by the Danish Government. The DBP facilitates the establishment of commercial partnerships between Danish and Bangladeshi companies in order to improve the business competencies in Bangladesh and thereby contribute towards sustainable development of economic and social facet of the country. Danespo has followed the development in the potato market in Bangladesh and has considered the best road of entry. Thus the Food Delegation to Bangladesh held in May 2011, was a good opportunity to explore the possibilities further. In effect, the Danespo met eight companies during the delegation visit and eventually a feasible partnership with Giant Agro Processing Ltd was established. The formation of the business cooperation involves several steps and we are glad to have successfully completed the development phase and enter into the pilot stage. Our cooperation is looking forward to develop profitable and sustainable business operations.  

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